Our Strategy and Roadmap

Amaze roadmap is a visualization of our strategic plan. Activities will complete within a given time frame.

June 2022

Pre Sale S1

Start of Pre Sales S1

Apr 2022

Private Sale

Start of Private Sales

Apr 2022


Amaze Website Launched

Mar 2022


Amaze Beta Website Launched

Feb 2022


Created Coins

Jan 2022


R and D In Cryptocurrency

Aug 2021

Name and Domain

Name Finalized and Registered Domain

Make your Amaze Transaction

The Amaze aims at developing a cryptocurrency with an entire ecosystem around it. The team works hard to make Amaze coin, Amaze swap, Amaze pay (a blockchain-based payment method), meta world, and much more as a mainstream. Our vision is to change people's lives in upcoming years but not just by generating the initial hype and making someone a profit.



Transparency, Community, Trust and Longevity


Amaze coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is backed by its community of users. We promote open communication and think that the three foundations of long-term success are trust, openness, and community.


Amaze coin will soon be one of the most popular and fastest-growing future of cryptocurrency communities, and we think that we are only as powerful as we are united. Amaze coin aspires to involve people from all around the world in his community. Our worldwide communities are served by several telegram channels.


The importance of trust in the crypto industry cannot be overstated. That includes complete openness in all aspects of community and growth, as well as security efforts. Baby Doge has been audited by a third-party dessert finance firm, There are no rug pulls here, just adorable amaze coin.


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Pre Sales Schedule

Benefits of Pre Sales: Buy and hold the coin for long term so you get the regular coin reflection and coins air drops, Amaze Coin is coming up with Amaze Meta world, Amaze Exchange, Amaze Pay and Amaze Swap so amaze coin's expected price will be $1 in coming years, You can expect 50x to 200x ROI in few months, More coins you hold more benefits you get.

Start Date End Date Coin Price Status
16 Sep, 2022 12:00 AM 31 Dec, 2022 12:00 AM Amaze Coin 0.0012 USD Completed